Our top phones for kids

You've decided to give your child a phone, but you're not sure which one to choose? We'll share our picks for your child's first phone!

Collaboration with Top notch

At Top notch we love discovering new content creators to collaborate with 🫶🏼

Pay in several installments

It's time to upgrade your phone, but the budget isn't quite there? We've got the solution for you!

Marketplace fraud

It's time for a new phone, and you're looking at options on Marketplace? The prices may be tempting, but on such a platform, you're not safe from unpleasant surprises.

Samsung VS Apple

The famous Android / iPhone war! Everyone has their preference and is passionate about defending their favorite. So we're sharing the advantages of Apple and Samsung phones with you.

The Top notch experience

We present you 4 reasons to choose a Top notch phone!

What is a refurbished phone?

A low-cost phone is tempting! But what is a refurbished phone? 

Spoiler alert : This is a much more interesting option than a new phone or a buy on Market Place 🙌🏼

Choose a refurbished phone to take care of the planet

We have gotten into the habit of changing our phones every 2 years even if the phone is still functional. However, the environmental impact of cell phones is huge !

Protect your phone to keep it for a long time

We're sharing some easy tips to help extend the life of your precious phone.

The perfect choice for a first phone

A refurbished phone is the perfect option to give your teen a first phone!

Affordable, flexible & no strings attached mobile plans

It's time to look for a new plan.

New VS second hand

Are you hesitating between buying a new phone or a second hand one? Let's break it down for you✌🏼