New VS second hand

It's time to change your phone and you're hesitating between buying a new or second hand one? We break it down for you according to different criteria ✌🏼


The quality of refurbished phones is as good as the new ones, since the phones we sell are all rigorously inspected by our professionals. This inspection includes more than 30 points, including the battery, microphone and camera. As a result, the lifespan of refurbished phones is excellent!


Our phones are categorized into 3 grades based on their physical condition. So you could have a phone with a few physical flaws, but nothing major, that saves you even more money, or a phone that's as good as new at a great price! The choice is yours! You can check out our different grades here.


If you want to save money, a second hand phone is definitely the right choice. By buying it used, you could be saving up to a few hundred dollars on the purchase, or dozens of dollars on your monthly plan! For a phone that's going to work this well, it's definitely worth it!


While new models aren't immediately available in refurbished phones, the selection is still substantial. We offer some fairly new models and some that are a few years old so you can find your perfect match, no matter your budget or criteria!


Making phones takes a lot of resources; over 30 different elements from the periodic table are needed to make a single phone! By buying a used phone, you're doing your part to limit these environmental impacts.

So, ready to go second hand? This is where it happens 🎉