The best phones to offer as gifts

With the holiday season coming up fast (next month...what?! 🤯), the hunt for the perfect gift begins. If you really want to please your loved ones, we suggest you give them a stellar Top notch phone. Are we biased? Of course, but we promise you that we have a selection to satisfy every taste, and that your favourite people will be thrilled.


For gamers 🎮  
The iPhone 12 Pro Max offers an exceptional gaming experience, with its large 6.7-inch screen and its performance capable to handle graphically- demanding games with remarkable fluidity.

From 850$


For movie fans 🎬  
The Galaxy S20 FE
features a stunning screen and impressive image quality, making it the ideal phone for film and streaming enthusiasts.

From 320$


For photo lovers 📷
 Galaxy S21 Ultra will delight aspiring photographers with its 5 main cameras and exceptional image quality.

From 540$


For those who need maximum battery life 🔋
With a battery life of 20 hours, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is perfect for staying connected all day, with no need to search for a power outlet.

À partir de 560$


For stylus lovers 🖋️  
With its stylus, the Galaxy Note 20 is the perfect phone for those who like to draw, take notes or simply let their creativity run free.

From 360$


For those who prefer smaller phones 📏  
The iPhone 7 is a compact classic, ideal for those who prefer a smaller, more practical format.

From 110$


For travelers ✈️  

With its eSim card, which is particularly useful when traveling, the Galaxy S21+ is the perfect adventure companion.

From 440$


For those who need plenty of storage 📦  
The iPhone 12 offers up to 256 G of storage to keep all the memories and apps. No need to constantly delete pictures to make space or pay for extra storage space on i cloud.

From 580$  


Now it's time to choose the phone that best suits the needs of the person you want to please. Regardless of the phone you end up purchasing, it's sure to be a memorable gift! Happy shopping! 🎁📱