Choose the perfect phone for your child

Have you decided to buy your child a phone? Whether it's to be able to contact him when needed, or simply so he can play mobile games (without constantly asking for yours 😉 ), we're sharing our tips for choosing the perfect device.  

Depending on your child's age, he may not always be careful and delicate with his possessions. That's why it's best not to invest too much in a trendy device. Should he have an accident or get lost, your wallet won't suffer so much. The refurbished phone option is perfect, since you can save up to a few hundred dollars. You can even pay in instalments with Affirm. 

iPhone 6s

Galaxy A51

Phones have become larger in recent years. We recommend that you check the size of the device before choosing it; if your child is younger, his little hands will find it easier to hold a slightly smaller phone. 

iPhone 7

Galaxy S10E

Your child's phone is going to have lots of adventures with him, but we want it to hold up. So it's a good idea to select a robust device and give it maximum protection with a good phone case and protective glass. Explore our accessories to see your options.  

Based on these 3 criteria, you'll be able to find the right match for your child (and your wallet). Taking the time to choose the best phone for your child can make a big difference. Check out our selection of refurbished phones to save money while giving your child a reliable, durable device.