Découvre la eSIM

You're probably familiar with the SIM card, the little chip your phone provider gives you that allows you to access the cellular network on your phone. But are you familiar with eSIM and its advantages?

What's an eSIM?

The eSIM is a SIM card that is integrated directly into the phone during manufacturing. It cannot be removed, unlike a conventional SIM card. It has to be programmed via your phone, usually by scanning a QR code in order to link it to your provider and therefore, to the network and your phone number.


Why is this a good option?

Firstly, as you can't remove the eSIM card, it's quicker if you change provider. You don't have to wait for a new card, just reprogram your eSIM with your new provider. Without a physical SIM card, you also no longer need the metal key that lets you open the little drawer. That's 2 less pieces of electronic waste!

Secondly, an eSIM card lets you have multiple plans with different providers on a single device. This is particularly handy when you're traveling. No need to remove your SIM card, buy another one at the airport and insert it (not to mention the fear of losing your Canadian SIM card). You can pre-purchase your plan with a phone company in the country you're visiting, according to your needs and the length of your stay, and activate it when you arrive.


Which phones are compatible with eSIM?

Some phones only have eSIM, in which case they will be clearly identified on our website. However, the majority of recent phones have both SIM and eSIM. As for iPhones, the XS, XS Max, XR and more recent models have an integrated eSIM. As for Samsung, the Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy S models released from 2021 onwards are eSIM-compatible.


Where can you find the eSIM on your phone?


In your settings, click on Cellular networkAdd eSIM. You'll be prompted to use a QR code or transfer from a nearby phone if you already have an eSIM with your provider.


In your settings, click on ConnectionsSIM card managerAdd mobile plan. You'll be prompted to use a QR code or transfer from another device if you already have an eSIM with your provider.

So whether it's to simplify your travels or for the practical and ecological side, discover our phones with the eSIM!



iPhone 14 eSIM


Galaxy S21+


Image source : SAMSUNG.COM