Choose a refurbished phone to take care of the planet

We have gotten into the habit of changing our phone every 2 years. In most cases, the phone is still working, but rather than reselling it, giving it away or continuing to use it, we keep it in the back of a drawer "just in case"... Admit it, you're guilty too!

However, the environmental impact of cell phones is huge:

🌎 Making a single phone requires over 30 elements from the periodic table.

🌎 Phones are difficult to recycle because they are made of many alloys.

🌎 From the extraction of materials, to its design and assembly, your phone has already practically traveled around the world before it gets to you.

🌎 The last few years, phones tended to be bigger and with better cameras. Unfortunately, the bigger the screen and the better the camera definition, the bigger the environmental impacts.

🌎 Seven billion phones have been sold worldwide since the first iPhone was released in 2007.

So buying a refurbished phone allows you to give a phone a new life and do your part in reducing electronic waste and carbon emissions ✌🏼

In short, one less phone to manufacture = less environmental impact 💚