The perfect choice for a first phone

Your teenager keeps telling you how much he wants a phone? We understand, we couldn't imagine doing without one.

A refurbished phone is the perfect option for a first phone!


Refurbished phones are quite a bit cheaper than new phones. While we don't want to, it might be less of a pain in the wallet if your teen ever loses or breaks their phone (psst, don't forget to buy the protective glass and a case to protect the phone from drops and carrying it in the bottom of the backpack 😉 )


Having a refurbished phone already paid for allows you to choose from BYOD plans (lien vers blogue expliquant ces forfaits). This way, you can customize your teen's plan, especially in terms of the amount of mobile data.


By turning to second hand phones, you have access to a wider selection; newer phones and older ones with different color choices. You're sure to find the perfect match for your teen.

Check out our selection of refurbished phones.