Refund policy


The return must be made within 15 days after receipt of the package. The refund is made upon receipt of the product at our warehouse. We check the condition of the item and then process the refund to the original payment method. If the returned product does not meet the original condition, our team reserves the right to refuse the refund.

Return procedure

The first step before returning a phone to us is to ensure that your device is reset or tracking is disabled.


Reset: Setting>General>Transfer or Reset iPhone>Erase All Content and Setting

Disable Location: Setting>Click on your


Setting>Global Management> Reset

If upon receipt, the Location function is activated or if the device is not reset, Top notch reserves the right to charge additional delivery or service charges. Reimbursement may then be delayed. Top notch reserves the right to return the phone to you if you fail to turn off “Find My iPhone” remotely within a one (1) month after being informed by Top notch. After this period, Top notch will have to return the device to you at the initial delivery address and will then have to cancel the refund. Also, if you fail to pick up/receive the phone, Top notch is not responsible and we will dispose of it.

For a return, an exchange or a return under warranty... nothing could be simpler!

Follow the steps using the link below:

* Important to return the item in its original condition and to pack the item properly so as not to damage it during delivery. An item not adequately packaged could lead to breakage of the item inside the package. In this case, Top notch reserves the right to charge the costs of the damage to the customer.

Tip: use the packaging provided when sending.

Delivery Policy

Top notch offers 3 shipping methods in Quebec:

1. Express delivery / 1-2 business days / 0 - 100$ / 9.99

2. Express delivery / 1-2 business days / $100 - and more / Free

3. Express delivery + signature request upon receipt / 1-2 business days / 0 - 100$ / 4.99

It is your responsibility to provide accurate/correct information to facilitate delivery to the carrier and Top notch.

The processing of orders is on average a maximum of one day after the confirmation of the order. Top notch carrier is Purolator. Purolator's express delivery time in Quebec is 1-2 business days.

Please note that these are only estimates and the expected time depends on each provider. Top notch tries to process orders within the time frame mentioned. However, Top notch is not responsible for delivery delays that are beyond our control. Example: incorrect information during ordering, strikes, supply, by the customer, quarantines or shortages of fuel, weather conditions, epidemics, energy or labor.

All risk of loss, damage and breakage to the shipped products will automatically pass to you upon transfer of the shipped products to the carrier.Top notch will not be responsible for claims and will not be liable for any loss, damage, breakage or delay from the time of transfer of the shipped products to the carrier

If however you receive a damaged product upon receipt of the order, please contact us as soon as possible. Shipping charges may apply depending on the situation.

Do you have another question? Do not hesitate to contact us: