Téléphones coups de cœur pour enfants

You've decided to give your child a phone, but you're not sure which one to choose? We'll share our picks for your child's first phone! 

iPhone 6S and iPhone 8
Robust and inexpensive, the iPhone 6S and iPhone 8 are two perfect first phone options! Although they were released a few years ago, they're still good quality and excellent value for money. Their smaller screen than later phones is convenient for small hands and easy storage in a pocket. Cameras and batteries are obviously not as powerful as more recent and expensive models, but they're still very good! In addition, the iOS system is very user-friendly and instinctive. Your child will be able to get to know them quickly and easily.  

Samsung Galaxy S10E and Galaxy A51
The Galaxy S10E offers a user experience adapted to small hands with its compact screen, while the Galaxy A51 seduces with its beautiful screen perfect for games and videos. Although these models are not the most up-to-date on the market, they still offer interesting performance for beginners and satisfactory screen quality.  

In conclusion, whether you're on the Apple team or the Android team, we have affordable and advantageous options for giving your child their first phone.